Living | The hot superfoods for 2016

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Superfood may be the buzzword du jour but there are some merits to eating all of the promoted foods within this category. So, what’s new in superfoods this year?

Despite the initial excitement and guilt-free fry eating, black pudding is no longer deemed a superfood. In fact, it never was. It was just a marketing tactic that gathered a lot momentum and hope.

It was not surprising that we readily ate up the news that our favourite breakfast item was a superfood. A lot of quirky or known healthy foods are now being branded a superfood by some nutritionist or food guru…some of which we have been eating happily for years.

This year, for example, is all about buckwheat. Despite many people associating it as a grain, it’s not classified as one. It’s actually the seed of a broadleaf. It is gluten free, high in magnesium, vitamin B and folates. As it is a high-resistance fibre, it is slow to break down so it helps to lower blood sugar and has been known to lower cholesterol.

Beets are another on the superfood hit list this year. Beets are rich in betalains, found in their dark red pigment, which can help ward off cancer and other digestive diseases. They are also great detoxifiers after a period of indulgence!

We have been eating leeks all of our lives, blissfully unaware of their health attributes. The green part of the leeks is, in fact, the best part. Leeks help reduce allergic reactions and, in addition to other nutrients, contain sulphur which helps detoxifies the liver.

While currently not in season, pumpkin is another good source of beta-carotene. This is considered a pro-vitamin as it’s converted into vitamin A in the body. This, in turn, can help heal dry, scaly skin, while it is also known to help prevent sinus infections and is good for eye health.