Living | Top homemade Christmas Gifts

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Homemade gifts can be the best personal tokens you can give someone this Christmas. We look at some of the easiest and most thoughtful gifts you can give this year.

It is easy to pick up gifts for family and friends without a second thought. And while they are appreciated, there is something quite materialistic about the whole process.

Making gifts is more personalised, and can be that something different amongst a sea of other goods that people receive and gather during the festive period.

Printed photographs are almost a lost art as many of us don’t find the time to print one of the almost 1,000 pictures we take. Framing a few of your favourite images is the easiest thing to do, but there is a host of other products you could create such as photo books, coasters or calendars.

Alternatively, you could type out the words of a favourite poem or song, print it on high quality paper and place it in a nice frame. Add the recipient’s name and date to the sheet for additional personalisation.

Uniquely designed tote bags are another great gift idea. Buy a plain canvas tote and use iron-on adhesive design templates that can be purchased online or in craft shops. Pick a favourite animal or location that your recipient loves.

Similarly, you could also add such prints to a plain apron for those that love to cook. To boost the present, you can jazz up a plain notebook with ribbon and label it as a recipe book.

If you have spare ribbon or jewellery, you could create a bookmark for the book lover in your life.  

Finally, handmade candles are loved by all. Use some of your unused teacup and saucers and pour in candle wax to the cup.

It’s the small things that will make a huge difference this Christmas.