Living | Why you should be happy to embrace old age

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It is programmed into us to fear and loathe getting older. But there are many reasons why we should embrace and welcome the later years in our life.

What feelings does getting old instil in you? Fear? Anxiety? Sadness?  Unfortunately, there are always negative connotations associated with getting old. But this is not necessarily the case.

There are many reasons to embrace getting older.

As we go through the years, we tend to stress out about the small things in life, about not making people upset or causing drama. When you reach an age of maturity, you are past caring of the small things in life. You are content in yourself, of who you are and the people in your life. You have your circle and do not need to make the effort to go beyond this.

Whether it’s a stressful career or raising a family, we spend many of our days running around everyone else. As you get older, the hard work tends to be over and you can use this time to enjoy this time with others.

This is your time. Whether it’s a new hobby or meeting friends, you can spend your day and nights as you please.

As we age, we obsess between the spots and wrinkles that we accumulate. When we hit a certain age, that obsession stops and we learn to accept our facial expressions. Our wrinkles are simply laughter lines, a daily reminder of all the times we have laughed and cried through the years.

There is also the economical advantages to getting older. From bus passes to discounted electricity, there are many financial perks to getting old. Take this opportunity to travel around the country and see the many delights that it has to offer. Finally, enjoy this time!