Money | Combatting your online shopping addiction

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When you impose a shopping ban, it can be easier to avoid the shopping centers and little boutiques by walking around them. Online shops, however, are almost impossible to escape from.

Now that we are at the start of a new season, it is difficult to avoid all the beautiful Spring colours in the shop windows.

And spare a thought for those that are trying to avoid their shopping addiction. Or even those that want to avoid it for a while to save.

While it can be easy to avoid the bricks and mortar shops, it can be almost impossible to avoid online retailers. From your social media newsfeeds to email sale alerts, there can be no escape from it at all. However, all is not lost.

To avoid such alerts popping into your mails, unsubscribe from all retailers immediately. Yes, you may miss out on some deals but you will mostly miss the temptation being flagged in front of you.

Delete all of the retailer apps from your mobile. Yes, they are a convenient way to pick up items on the go but you do not need that temptation when trying to be good.

Block internet access to your favourite sites. Through software or manually going through your operating system, you can pick which kind of sites you want to block. Ideally, let someone else choose the password so you won’t be tempted to disable it.

It is important to clear your cookies and cache regularly to avoid falling victim to retargeting advertising. This is where retailers follow your online behaviour and serve up ads promoting their products.

Why do you shop so much? Are you sad? Do you like the thrill of it? Identify the negative feeling, and look for an alternative solution. Start to read a book, attempt to cook something new or go for a walk. Do something positive and time consuming to avoid the shops.