Money | Expensive habits we should cut out

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Without realising, we can spend a lot of cash on expensive and needless daily habits. Cutting back on such bad habits can save you cash, and allow you greater control over your finances.

Choosing the cheaper brands. Shopping in discount stores. Comparing prices on big products. We are always looking for ways to save cash, especially when we are doing our grocery shop or big ticket items.

We tend to ignore some of our personal expenses and habits. But if you want to seriously save cash, you need to assess these habits and cut down.

Spending money on the gym is the biggest expensive habit. If you are not using it as much as you like, cancel the membership and embrace the outdoors. Alternatively, invest in some cheap home equipment or follow some YouTube classes.

Manicured nails look well but their upkeep are expensive. There are many at-home kits and polishes that allows you to create the same look, with many online tutorials offering some great inspiration and ideas.

Similarly, regular facials are essential but costly. In lieu of a trip to the beautician, you can create some great organic and affordable homemade face masks that can be just as effective.

Getting your haircut professionally is a treat but when you need regular cuts and treatments, it can quickly add up. Look after your hair properly, especially if it’s coloured. Alternatively, price around for hairdressers or use some of the deals that are offered on voucher sites. Getting your hair done at hairdressing schools can also save you a lot of cash.

Eating out and ordering take aways on a regular basis can quickly take a big crunch out of your pay packet. Make it more of a treat than a habit by only indulging in it once a month.

As always, our daily coffee is a habit that is costing us a lot. Make your coffee at home and bring it with you to work, and invest in a good instant variety if you need it for that 3pm slump.