News | Is Irish dying out as a school subject?

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We live in a technological age and it seems that almost everything is done through a computer or a smart phone.

IT is an industry that is booming and trends have shown that more and more school leavers are applying for IT specific college courses.

A new survey has now revealed that Irish parents feel children should be taught how to code in school because they believe that coding is a more valuable skill to have than Irish.

The survey, which was commissioned by UPC to celebrate EU Code Week, showed that most parents are now of the opinion that coding is just as valuable as the more traditional school subjects of Maths, Irish and English.

A third of the parents surveyed said they think that learning coding is even more important than Irish while one fifth said they think it is a more important skill than maths.

At present, coding is only taught in a small handful of Irish schools and even then it is only taught as an extra curricular subject. If a school does not offer coding, children have to depend on independent volunteer groups, such as Coderdojo, to develop the skill.

The results of the survey show that attitudes are changing when it comes to compulsory subjects in Ireland.

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