Oh Baby | Kelly’s Pregnancy Diary

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Hi everyone, I’m Kelly and I’m the advertising production manager for Woman’s Way. I’m currently pregnant with baby no.2 and it’s a little girl.

 28 weeks pregnant.

First of all can I just want to thank everyone who got in touch with me regarding last week’s blog. Being called an inspiration and a great mammy to Ryan means the world to me. I was truly touched and blown away by the messages I received so thank you all.

2 weeks ago I was sent for a glucose-screening test. You might ask, what is a glucose test? A glucose-screening test is a routine test during pregnancy that checks a pregnant woman’s blood glucose (sugar) level. It is used to diagnose gestational diabetes. The test can only be carried out between 24-28 weeks of your pregnancy, if you haven’t had this done yet, ask your doctor or midwife on your next appointment about having it done. Here’s what happened at my glucose-screening test.

I was fasting from 8pm the night before, and it didn’t help that I had to be in the hospital for 7.30 the next morning. I was starving, and in desperate need of a cup of tea. First of all they do a blood test, (not the nicest thing at 7.30 in the morning) and will ask you to drink a glass of Lucozade within 15 minutes. An hour after drinking the Lucozade you have another blood test. They ask you to come back an hour later and they will take a final blood test (you will never want to see another needle again). As you have been fasting it can be very difficult for the nurse to find a vein, so prepare to have your arm and hand poked at, and to be left black and blue. I didn’t feel to good after all the tests either. My advice would be, if you have any holidays in work left take it as a day, you will thank me for telling you that.

My phone rang that afternoon and it was nurse letting me know that I do actually have gestational diabetes and that they needed me to come into the hospital the following morning. I was really devastated. I have a very strict diet as I have no gallbladder, ok I have my take away on a Friday night like any normal person, but I am very healthy. As I learned in the workshop and from people that have diabetes on a daily basis, it’s not just your diet, its what’s in your blood as well.

The next morning I had to attend a workshop on gestational diabetes (2 hours long). I have never been so confused in my life, its very hard to understand what you’re allowed to eat and what you’re not allowed to eat, and as you’re pregnant you do actually have to have some amount of food that you’re not allowed as the baby needs it. As I have no gallbladder the dietician went over meal plans with me, but I have to say I’m finding it tough. Some things on the list are crazy; you wouldn’t believe some of the foods that contain sugar. I’m on a strict diet for the next 7 days and have to go back and do the test all over again. For now it’s goodbye to my Friday night take away, and hello rabbit food.

Tip: bring a good book with you, and make sure your phone is charged. I brought my earphones with me so I could catch up on my programs. You will be sitting around for a few hours, especially if your day went like mine.


I had to attend what they call “the breakfast club” in the hospital last week for my gestational diabetes. I had been fasting from the night before and to say I was hungry and angry was an understatement. They couldn’t find any veins in my arms so they had to use my hand, yes it killed. After that they gave me a voucher to go and have my complimentary breakfast (yes, food time). An hour after I finished my breakfast I had to go back for another blood test, again in my hand, it hurt.

That afternoon I had an appointment with our consultant. She did a scan on our little lady and said, “She’s a solid baby”. I think that means she’s going to be a little puddiner, the chubbier the better I say. I had a long hard think about labor and after discussing it with Joe I have finally made my mind up that I’m going to have an elective C-section. I’m really happy with my decision and so is our consultant. She has made a note on my chart so that no-one can say different if I am admitted when she is not there, which I’m really happy about. She also reminded me that I must get the whopping cough injection this week. I have it booked for Friday with my G.P.