Places to brunch in Dublin this weekend

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Forget about going for a few drinks in the local. These days it’s all about going for brunch at the weekend- the perfect excuse to catch up with friends, eat delicious food and have a cocktail or two during the day. And because of this sudden popularity, tons of restaurants are jumping on the brunch wagon and serving some pretty divine menus. So with that in mind, here are five places to try out brunch this weekend in Dublin.




Everything from chicken, waffles and maple syrup to delicious shakshukra. But whatever you order, wash it with a Gin Brunch.You’ll be hooked.


Super Miss Sue

Super Miss Sue is the true home of the cure with their Bloody Mary Baked Eggs and unlimited cups of coffee.

white friargrill

White Friar Grill

Crab cakes benedict, huevos rancheros and tomato fondue, with some waffles and nutella to finish please.

san lorenzo

San Lorenzos

This is where you’ll find that Brunch of Champions you’ve been hearing about. Fun and loud atmosphere with some breakfast martinis to boot.


Taco Taco

Try the Hawaiian shrimp popcorn cocktail or Homer’s brunch with the poutin fries. And then the salt caramel popcorn. Yum.