Real Life | Should you get wedding insurance?

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The economy may be buzzing with an increasing number of weddings taking place, but there are still hotels and other businesses closing. So, should you get wedding insurance to protect your investment?

Enjoyable, yes. Stressful? Extremely. No matter how laid back you believe you are, organising a wedding is the one thing that will test your patience and your pocket.

Once you pay your hefty deposit down for the reception, many start planning and plotting their perfect day. Unfortunately, for some couples, their choice of venue is the reason for their headaches.

The shock closure of many established hotels, such as Cromleach Lodge Hotel and Spa in Co Sligo, is forcing many couples to seek last minute venues. For some, postponement is the only feasible option.

Having paid the deposit and venues in legal and financial uncertainty, many couples do not know if they will ever get their cash back.

Naturally, such stories worries all couples. As such, the issue of wedding insurance is a hot topic again.

Wedding insurance provides protection in case something goes unexpectedly wrong before or on your wedding day, including cover for suppliers from the time you pay a deposit. It also covers for the cancellation or rearrangement of a wedding or reception due to accident, illness or bereavement within the main wedding party, or if a supplier goes out of business.

Many policies allow you to take out wedding cover for up to two years before the big day. Obviously, as with all policies, you need to ensure that all you want covered is included. Cover can cost from €50 up to €2,000, depending on the level you want. Calculate how much you are spending, what you think should be covered, and then find a policy that covers it for the right amount.

You should note that you cannot make a claim for a situation that you already knew about, or if you get cold feet.

Shop around to get the best quote and offering for what you are willing to pay a premium for.