Save, Spend or Splurge? Rob Kenny Talks Money

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Snapchat star and men’s fashion influencer Rob Kenny, talks designer luggage and hitting the sales 



If money was no object… €15,000 is how much I’d spend on a handbag if I could… 

Oh without question I would immediately splurge on the entire Louis Vuitton Damier luggage collection. With the handbag and wallet to match.

What was your first job?

London Fashion Week assistant for TCS London (a fashion PR agency). I got to spend an hour alone with Anna Wintour as she previewed Erdem’s new collection, before it showed. The Devil Wears Prada is all true.

What was your last purchase?

The COS summer sale is on, I flew in on my lunch break recently and bought a turtleneck and two shirts.

My biggest expense was…

A large black Mulberry manbag for my 21st – it’s in bits now! Or more recently a pair of Balencia shoes.

My best bargain was…

I am just back from the Algarve and I did a big Penneys haul of summer clothes just before I left. I picked up some fab bits and of course all amazing value.

Save, spend or splurge?

Eeek. I would love to say save but my boyfriend would rat me out for lying. I would say I am consistently spend with the odd splurge in there. I was sent a meme yesterday that read ‘What do you mean save? I work so I can look fab and pop bottles at the weekend’ and I just thought that is my life.

Have you a piggy bank?

Yes on my desk in work, it’s empty.

I wish I’d bought…

The Prada Triple Sole Wingtip shoes in Brown Thomas, in black.

Sale lover or full-price fiend? What’s your technique for shopping?

I never really plan in advance to catch sales to be honest, but if they’re on when I get in there, amazing. My top tip for clothes shopping is to go in asap, as soon as you’re paid. The later in the month it gets, the less likely you’re going to be able to do it. When we’re just paid, we’re all royalty.

Shop alone or with friends/partner/family?

Alone or with my boyfriend.

My money motto is…

I should never give advice on money. I’ll change my ways in a few years when I’m 30… that’s the plan.

How much money do you currently have in your wallet?

No cash at all. I never do anymore now that Visa contactless is so widespread across Ireland. I tap for everything, from petrol, to fashion to food. It’s just so fast and easy to use. I’m actually off on a roadtrip all across Ireland with Visa contactless, leaving this August 24th. Myself, James Kavanagh, Anouska, Pat Divilly and Doireann Garrihy are gonna hit the road and #TapIntoIrelandWhat makes this trip so exciting is that we are asking our followers to tell us where we should go, and what we should experience. So I am super excited to experience some of the hidden gems what this amazing country of ours has to offer.

Do you own a credit card?

Nope – thank God!