Savvy Shopping | Tips to try this week

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Trying to save some money? Check out these super savvy tips…

Savvy tips to try this week

Blooming brilliant – To make fresh flowers last longer, simply add a dash of bleach to the water while arranging them in a vase.

Avoid nasty drips – Cover the inside base of your kitchen bin with old newspaper. This will help to soak up any leaks and odours. For extra odour-fighting, sprinkle some baking soda on the inside of your bin too.

Speedy shower cleaner – After cleaning your shower or bathtub wipe the sides of the bathtub/shower with baby oil. This will help dirty water to roll down the drain faster, meaning you’ll get more time before you have to clean it again. Make sure you don’t put any oil on the base of your shower or bath though (where you stand) because it can make things quite slippery.

Cool runnings – Keep your fridge healthy. Every six months check that the seals on your fridge are in proper working order and that your fridge is running at the correct temperature. In order to ensure maximum freshness, food needs to be stored between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius

Water, water everywhere – Place a large, empty barrel or bucket in your garden and use it to collect rain water. Once the barrel or bucket is full you can use this water to water your plants or wash your car