Social | Do you have good social media etiquette?

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It’s all too easy to make a passing remark on Facebook or mock someone on Twitter. But the internet may come back to haunt you if you don’t have some social media etiquette.

As Irish consumers, we are often guilty of not complaining when it comes to bad service in a restaurant. We tend not to want to cause a fuss or drama when dining out. However, we are happy to berate them on social media as soon we leave the eatery.

Just like we should have manners when we are out dining, we should also follow a certain etiquette when online. That is not to say you cannot complain online, but there is a good and bad way to do it. For example, do you need to name the server or manager in your post? Simply address your issue, and wait for a response from the company.

Always be mindful that someone is watching your account, such as your new potential employer. If you are ranting about current work practices or bad mouthing fellow colleagues, would you expect to get hired by someone? They don’t want their bad reputation tarnished by employees.

It is often too easy to become engaged in an online argument. Be careful when the issue is of a more serious nature such as gender, race or religion. Comments, for example, could be taken for hate speech. You could also be viewed as a radical or hot headed by peers, or others in your community.

Do not be quick to pass judgement on others. Always remember that behind the profile, there is a real person. Online abuse is a serious issue, with legal ramifications.

Play nice on social platforms, just as you would expect children to do in the playground.