Social | Is it time to clean up your social media accounts?

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Posting those drunken pictures or saying something controversial on your social media accounts may be fun at the time, but they could damage your future career opportunities.

Social media channels, in theory, are a great way to showcase your personality, share snippets of your life and have a little bit of fun.

We do it in our personal time and our words and thoughts, for the most part, are our own. After all, we have the right to free speech.

As our social media accounts are reflective of our personality, manner and habits, many employers scan them to get a sense of what any future employees may be really like. Indeed, almost 50 per cent of employers admit to to checking candidates on social media, with one in three rejecting them on the basis of their profiles.

It sounds harsh but employers do not want to waste time interviewing candidates that they view more as a liability than an asset.

Employers look at your accounts for three reasons. They want to gauge a candidate’s professionalism in terms of social conduct, evaluate your fit into the company’s culture and to learn more about your qualifications.

So, what can you do to clean up your profile? First, Change your settings so that your private life stays private. Google your name to find out what your digital footprint is. Clean up as many of those images and status updates as possible to ensure everything that is on your profile is positive and beneficial to you.

Instead, follow influencers and share content that is valuable and relevant to you and your industry. This will demonstrate interest in your sector, something which all employers love.

On LinkedIn, ensure your image is professional and up to date. Be mindful of what you share and say as everyone is watching you!