What’s your sign?

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Find out what the stars have in store for your weekend


Sept 22 – Oct 23

A gesture here, some flirting there and voilà! You capture the interest of someone you fancy. It’s more a lustful desire that seems to be pushing you forward rather than love. You’ll be a lot more romantic later on this year but right now it’s the start of autumn and you’re feeling frisky. It’s lucky that there’s more than one that’s interested in assisting you. 


Oct 24 – Nov 21

A lot of the time you’re in the shadows. While you may want credit for your ideas it’s neither fame nor glory that interests you. Money on the other hand is a different matter! From time to time this approach can cost you financially and professionally. Take a step into the limelight when others crow about your achievements.


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Sticking to the rules can be impossible at times. Just make sure you’re discreet when you do decide to do something naughty! You’ll have more than one chance to go wild this week, but most of the time your common sense holds you back. Certain events and people will tempt you however.


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Most of the time you can conjure up a solution to any problem that you face. While the energy and the confidence are there this week, the actual answer may take a little longer. Occasionally you may enjoy spending some time by yourself. A few hours with your own thoughts could help to recharge the batteries.


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Those who like to poke around your business seem to have another go this week as they think your guard is down. It might be an idea to point out how foolish their behaviour is! It’s only fair to give a warning before you unleash the power within you however. Then again you can’t really blame people from wanting to know more.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Articulate members of the opposite sex may be able to talk you into anything. However, their quick wit hides a lot of faults. It might be time to sit them down and discuss what really matters to you. Communication seems to bring understanding out of the shadows. A bonus will be the lustful thoughts that will also emerge.


Mar 21 – April 19

Those that don’t quite understand your ideas may ask questions but at the same time they’ll give you support so you can move forward. It’s a great time to study for future tests, either in the office, in the exam hall or in the bedroom! All that knowledge you gain is going to come in handy.


April 20- May 20

You’re usually very good when it comes to getting things right, Taurus. However, you seem to be worn out at the moment and small things are slipping under your radar. Pay close attention to annual and monthly bills. Something that gets overlooked could cause you hassle in the months to come.


May 21 – June 20

At first glance not much seems to be happening this week but take a second look. This is the time where you take care of the details. New people you’re introduced to may not make much of an impact at first but as the rest of the year progresses, you start to see why others keep singing their praises. Don’t turn down invites at this time as you could miss out on fun.


June 21 – July 22

Your luck changes and you seem to have more cash in your pocket over the next while. However temptation that lies around every corner could detract your attention from your major goal. It’s your instinct that comes to your rescue when you need it the most, if you pay attention to it! In recent months, you’ve left it in a dark corner.


July 23 – Aug 22

You’d prefer that others ignore you this month, but that’s a problem. You’re a Leo and like most Leos you stand out. You can’t help it! Deal with any attention that comes your way. Just make sure you continue to make your own plans. A few days off or away would do you good.


Aug 23 – Sept 21

The relationship you have with your wardrobe changes as the months go by. Like a past lover your current collection seems tired and dated. The temptation to go out and find something new may be strong. However your bank balance has always looked better in black. Work could be an issue as others don’t see eye to eye with you.