Take a read Thursday: new books to try

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Want to treat yourself to a new book for your commute/lazy day? We’ve found three reads that’ll suit a range of literary tastes.


A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell
Hot on the heels of thrillers like Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train and Lie With Me, is another domestic thriller with unreliable narrators. This debut, written by Chicago-based pre-school teacher Bell, is based around the story of two best friends, a widow and stay-at-home mum blogger, Stephanie and a successful and glamorous PR executive, Emily, whose five-year-old sons are best friends. When Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son from school, she agrees but she doesn’t come back and Emily knows she would never leave her son.


In The Name Of The Family by Sarah Dunant 
It’s 1502 and Niccolo Machiavelli is called to one of the most exciting diplomatic tasks of his career. Sarah Dunant vividly brings these encounters alive, which go on to be major influences on his treatise on statesmanship, The Prince. However, the historical novel In The Name Of
The Family is mainly the tale of the extraordinary Borgia family. Pope Alexander, the venal and corrupt head of the family, ruthlessly promotes the interests of his illegitimate children.


Birdcage Walk by  Helen Dunmore 
Her latest novel takes an oblique look at the French Revolution, showing how distant political events can both impact and have echoes in very personal circumstances. Lizzie, who has been brought up among radicals, is married to sinister speculative builder Diner. His plans to build a terrace of houses above the Avon Gorge are left in tatters when uncertainty caused by the events in France cause the market to collapse. As Lizzie gradually realises the truth about her marriage, so her radical friends start to see the reality of violent revolution.