Take a read Thursday: new books to try

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Want to treat yourself to a new book for your commute/lazy day? We’ve found three reads that’ll suit a range of literary tastes.


Birdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore
This brilliantly observed saga, set against the backdrop of the French revolution, is narrated by Lizzie Fawkes, a radical but naive young woman in 1792 Bristol, brought up by a feminist writer and political activist father. She separates herself from her radical upbringing when she marries a property developer who tries to subdue her independent spirit, and finds herself torn between his charisma and self-made success and her mother’s idealism. Says a lot about the differences in outlook between generations and genders.


The Doll Funeral by Kate Hamer
Any mums who read this author’s fantastic debut, The Girl In The Red Coat, should be champing at the bit to get their hands on a copy of her second novel, another disturbing page-turner. It centres on Ruby, a teenager who is
physically abused by her repulsive stepfather but must pretend the bruises on her arms and the black eyes are a result of clumsiness. When she discovers her ‘parents’ are not her blood relatives, she sets out to hunt for her birth parents, unfolding a chilling tale of voodoo doll rituals, secrets, lies and surreal events.


About Last Night… by Catherine Alliott 
This laugh-out-loud novel charts the calamities of Molly, who is living the dream on a rural farm in Herefordshire – except it was her late husband’s dream and it has turned into her nightmare, chasing errant sheep, mending broken fences and trying to keep the bailiffs at bay. Then she inherits a house in London, but there is a catch – it is occupied by a tenant, who she is determined to evict. So the fun begins.