Potatoes ARE good for you

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As a nation, we have had a great relationship with spuds for years. They’re a staple in the average Irish diet and complete most dinners in the majority of Irish households. But in recent years with the growing obsession with health and fitness, somewhere along the line potatoes began to be treated a little differently. But Bord Bia has teamed up with dietician and member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, Aoife Hearne, to dispel the myth that potatoes are fattening.

According to Aoife, potatoes provide Irish people with a very important source of carbohydrates, which are essential for our bodies and particularly for brain function. “Potatoes are naturally fat and gluten free, a great source of fibre, Vitamin C and a variety of B vitamins.  They also contain three times the amount of potassium of bananas.”

She added: “Potatoes are an unprocessed carb, an ideal way to provide the body with energy. Potatoes are a natural food, both versatile and delicious, making them a great food to include into the diet for all ages.”

Despite the myth being in existence, it doesn’t seem to have put too many people off the staple veg. 96% of Irish families still buy and cook with the potato regularly, while 120 million bags of potatoes are bought by Irish consumers every year. That means €175 million is spent on spuds. That’s how much we love them.

To promote the campaign, Bord Bia have launched Potato.ie, a website dedicated to educating our nation on the nutritional benefits of the spud. The campaign also aims to encourage people to be more adventurous in their use of potatoes by trying out a wide selection of quick and healthy recipes.

To check it out, and try some new recipes, visit www.potato.ie.