Travel | Beat the jetlag struggle

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International globetrotting sounds glamorous and fun. And it is until the jetlag sets in and you are irritable and tired.

Your head may be in your destination, but your body is confused and out of sync. This is what happens after a long haul flight and an experience that even frequent flyers have to struggle with.

A major change in time zones can really affect your body with many suffering from extreme fatigue, indigestion, loss of appetite and a general feeling of being unwell.

Unfortunately it’s bad news for routine lovers as people with the most rigid of eating and sleeping patterns tend to suffer the worst jetlag.

If possible, try and alter your sleep patterns before you go to closely match the times of your destination. This may involve setting your alarm at 3am and doing some work, but it will benefit you in the end.

While it may be tempting to stay up all night before you travel so you are tired and more likely to sleep, this is a risky tactic. It is better if you are fully rested before you travel and get a good night’s sleep before you set off on your trip.

Try to plan your flight so you arrive in daylight since you will feel more like staying awake and fitting in with you new schedule. However, if you are due to land at night, avoid caffeine-heavy beverages such as coffee. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 

Move around regularly mid-flight and do exercise to keep the blood circulating and energy for when you disembark from the plane.

When you do land at your destination, eat three meals a day in line with the new time zone. This will help your body get back into ‘normal’ mode.