Travel | Can you reduce your travel costs?

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Is there really such a thing as cheap travelling anymore? Or is our bad habits that increase the price of our trips? We look at how best you can cut costs when travelling abroad.

When budgeting for travel, do you just account for the flights and accommodation? That is the first mistake we make.

What about food, transfer, sun creams and other discretionary spend? When you add all those extra expenses, the cost can quickly add up. But it need not to.

First, are you sure you are getting the best deal for your trip? Research is time consuming and can be frustrating but it is worth it. Once you have your package outlined, ring a few travel agents to check if they can offer a lower price and a better offering. For example, they can include free transfers and an increased baggage allowance.

Do you really need a new wardrobe for holidays? Take out what you have, pair some outfits and only buy what you need.

If you have to leave your car at the airport, do a price check of all long term car parks. There are now many private operators within the airport region that may offer a better rate.

While waiting for your flight, it is often easy to spend over €100 on food, drinks and duty free items. Set aside a small amount to spend at the airport and stick to it!

If it’s a sun destination, find out the price of sun creams and other necessities in the locality. They can often be considerably less expensive than these shores.

When dining out, stay away from the tourist traps. Go where the locals dine as it is there that you will eat the best of local cuisine, and for a considerably cheaper price.

Finally, enjoy your holidays!