Travel | How to make that ‘trip of a lifetime’

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We all have that ‘trip of a lifetime’ that we want to do some day. The small matter of raising the cash to do it is often our biggest obstacle. Seasoned travellers share how they manage to save, and travel.

That elusive trip of a lifetime can cost thousands of euros and hence why it is always remains on our wish list, and no more.

However, such an experience is worth the small bit of hard work and effort. And it will be worth a lot more than those small material goods that mean little to you.

First, plan where you want to go and how long you are going to be there for. This will determine how much the overall trip will cost you, while having such a target and destination in mind will keep you focused and motivated. 

Determine a general travel cost figure. Do some research on how much per day you expect to spend. This includes everything from food to excursions. If it’s €50 per day, for example, write down €60. It’s better to have additional cash than be on a tight budget when abroad. Multiply that by the number of days, and add in the cost of flights and travel insurance.

Do not forget that you may also have to pay for visas and vaccinations for specific countries.

Set up a separate bank account for the trip, preferably one that you cannot dip in and out of. A credit union is often the best choice as it’s harder to access your cash compared to an ATM. Set an amount that you can save each week towards your trip and continually look at ways to cut down on other costs.

Sell some of your unwanted items or have a clothes exchange night. This way, you can swap some of your unwanted clothes for items that you may require for your trip.

Book excursions or trips in advance so you do not have to face that expense when there. Airbnb is a great cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation, and an ideal way to meet the locals.

Be open to new ideas that will help you achieve your trip of a lifetime.