Travel | Staying safe in hotels

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As a lone female traveller, it can feel that you are at your most vulnerable. This is especially true when staying in hotels.

Staying in reputable hotels while travelling is the safest accommodation method, but that does not mean we are immune from the world’s evil. Having security walking around offers peace of mind, but we cannot rely simply on such measures.

One measure is to keep your gender a secret when booking your hotel room. Simply skip the Mrs. or Ms. option and use your first initial and surname.

Ensure your room is safely located within the hotel. For example, do not accept ground floor rooms that have access via a balcony. A room too close to a lift or exit offers criminals an easy getaway, while rooms nestled at the end of a corridor is also not safe.

Be discrete about your room’s location, and never give your room number to anyone. If you plan to meet anyone, make sure it is in the hotel lobby.

Be aware at all times. For example, if someone knocks on your room door, do not answer it. Ask for their names and ring reception to check if such staff were allocated to your room for a specific service.

Bad things can also happen in your home while you are away. Telling the world (via social media) that you are not in your premises is inviting opportunistic thieves to try to break into your home or car. Such is the rise of these incidents that guards continually warn people that they should not post online when and for how long they will be away from their home. You can easily relay details of your trip when you are safely and soundly back home.