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Images from the Wild Atlantic Way is enough to encourage anyone to take a road trip from Ireland. But before you set off, you need to ensure you are well equipped for all eventualities.

From the Ring of Kerry to the hills of Donegal, Ireland is blessed to have so many scenic routes to explore.

The uniqueness of our routes is that there is no litany of commercial shops or other pit stops that other countries have. This, however, can prove problematic when you get stuck on a road without fuel or food.

Before you take off, you need to ensure that you are well equipped and prepared.

Check your oil and water, and that you have a working spare tyre. Cars can overheat when stalling and starting so always have a coolant bottle in the boot.

Does your insurance company cover breakdowns, or should you get additional coverage from a third party provider? Find out what help you have on hand in such a case, and what is covered. In the case of a breakdown, have a flash lamp and high-vis jacket.

Finding phone coverage may be one issue you may encounter while travelling the high roads and byroads of Ireland. When you do find coverage, you need a fully charged phone. Ensure you have a reliable phone charger in your car, whether that is through your cigarette lighter or USB port.

Bottled water is inexpensive. Stock up on small bottles to help you and your travelling companions hydrated on your trip. Keep snacks and other food in a cooled container. This will also save you a lot of cash along the way.

A first aid kit is another necessary item, especially when you are out exploring the wilds of Ireland.