How us Irish have been travelling this year

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We can easily forget sometimes that when we’re busy booking and enjoying a summer or winter holiday, or even a short city break, there’s always someone keeping an eye on where we’re going and just how many of us are heading there.

In fact, it’s just been revealed that together with the rest of Irish holidaymakers this year, we’ve spent a total of €600 million on overseas holidays in just first quarter of 2016.

The recession must be well and truly in decline (or so it seems) as the CSO Household Travel Survey results recently revealed that more Irish people are travelling abroad again when it comes to taking holidays. The results showed that 1.5 million outbound trips were undertaken by Irish residents in Quarter 1 2016, an increase of 12.8% over the same period last year.

The results also interestingly revealed that while €631 million was spent on holidays, €289.5 million was spent on business trips and €169 million was spent on visiting friends and relatives.


As for the most popular destinations? The UK and Spain were the two most popular destinations in terms of trip numbers at 607,000 and 233,000 respectively. With year round sunshine and tons of cultural attractions, it’s not surprising that Spain remains high on the must visit list!

While we might be launching ourselves in to Autumn and Winter now, we can’t help but already wonder about our next getaway!