Why We’re Using Essential Oils For Cleaning

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Although we normally associate essential oils with aromatherapy, there are a huge amount of other benefits they can be used for that we often over look. Essential oils are a great addition to our cleaning habits as their antibacterial properties and fragrances are a diverse and natural way to bring freshness to your home without needing to use synthesised smells. That’s according to Absolute Aromas, the aromatherapy specialists, who say that we could be getting a lot more usage from our oils than we already do. Here, they share 4 ways we can freshen up our homes with essential oils, while reaping the aromatherapy benefits for ourselves along the way!

Freshen up with Lavender

With our ever unpredictable weather, it can prove difficult to confidently store a particular seasonal set of clothing away without having to haul them out when there is an unplanned shift in the climate! To avoid clothes and bedding becoming stale smelling when they are stored, pop a couple of drops of Lavender oil on a tissue and place it between the layers of fabric to ensure that they are nice and fresh next time they are needed. This handy hack is also an ideal way to make sure that drawers and hot presses are kept fresh throughout the year. Lavender is the most widely used oil in aromatherapy, particularly for its relaxing and antiseptic properties. It is an oil that can be considered both calming and stabilising and is good for many ailments such as headaches, muscular aches and pains, skin conditions, PMT and irritability. Lavender has been used for centuries as an insect repellent and to repel moths from clothing and bedding

Banishing the hoover odours

Despite making the removal of dust and dirt in the home a lot easier, hoovering can sometimes result in a very definitive after scent lingering around the home. Popping a couple of drops of Geranium oil and Orange Oil onto a cotton ball and placing it into either the chamber or the vacuum bag itself, will mean that your home will be filled with uplifting aromas as you clean and the dreaded hoover smell will be banished! Geranium is an excellent balancing and uplifting oil and orange is refreshing with excellent antibacterial properties making it ideal for cleaning the home.

Lemon Aid

Net curtains can be a trap for odours especially if they are situated in the kitchen or a room particularly likely to have strong smells filling them. Bed sheets can also need an extra boost of refreshment, this can be achieved by simply adding 3 drops of Lemon oil to your regular fabric conditioner. Lemon is a tangy oil that has a clearing effect and whilst it has antibacterial properties, it is also a good oil to refresh, uplift and revive the mind

A boost for Pot Pourri
We’ve known it for years but Pot Pourri can be a nice addition to brighten up a living or bathroom and bring a warm feel to a room. Over time, all Pot Pourri bowls can need a little freshening up which can be easily achieved by the direct application of a few drops of an essential oil onto the Pot Pourri itself.