Using Linked In to find your dream job

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It’s never easy to get your dream job – you need experience, good contacts and a little bit of luck. But even saying that, there are more entities out there than ever to help us find and land that job and one that we really need to ensure we’re all in, is Linked In.

Here are five tips to using the professional social media platform that will help you find your perfect job.

Treat It Like More Than Just A CV

Last year, the words ‘responsible’, followed by ‘strategic’ and ‘effective’ topped LinkedIn’s annual list of most overused words in members’ profiles. Remember that your LinkedIn profile can do much more than a paper CV, so it might be time to get creative and use more than just generic words. You can also re-arrange your profile layout to suit you and your skills.  Simply enter edit mode and simply hover your mouse over the double-sided arro in each section.  Your mouse will turn into a four-arrowed icon at which point you can click, then drag and drop the section to another position on your profile. Easy.

Make It Easy For Employers To Find You

Recruiters use straightforward keyword searching on LinkedIn to find their clients the right individuals, in the right industries, seeking the right jobs, so make it really easy for them to find you.

Stay Active

Completed profiles are far more likely to be viewed especially when they include a photo. You can even improve your profile all the time but most importantly, you need to ensure you keep it up to date but entering any newly learned skills, experience or articles.

Hand Pick The Right Skills 

Be specific about the skills you have that make you good at your job. Your connections can now endorse these skills and previous employers can also reference them in recommendations that they give on your profile.

Follow Your Dream Companies 

LinkedIn is a hub of business information that you could be using to your advantage so make sure you’re following all the right companies to keep aware of any vacancies or company news. This will benefit you in the long term, especially if you are asked to interview. You can also see if any of your connections have connections within this company too. Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know that lands you that job.