Ways to feel less stressed at work

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It doesn’t take much for work stress to take over your career and life but work pressures are also difficult to avoid. And when it comes to feeling overwhelmed, there are many sources of anxiety that can come from different elements in the work place. But by taking a few small steps in approaching work and your daily job, the stresses can become more manageable. Here are three things you can do to help alleviate those anxieties.

Set yourself some email boundaries

With email now available on our phones and pretty much 24/7, it’s hard to avoid checking our email and being expected to deal with off-duty requests. While you might think answering emails and constantly checking them during your down time might make you a better employee, it actually has the opposite effect. Instead, allocate certain times of day when you allow yourself to check email and then switch it off altogether. Planning your breaks throughout the day will help you deal and cope better with other tasks.

Avoid the workplace dramas

Offices are full of drama and no matter how good a mood you might find yourself in, it’s hard to escape the office gossip and avoid office tensions. Try to avoid getting caught up in it and if colleagues try to get you involved, pretend you have something urgent to attend to and excuse yourself. Instead, surround yourself with positive vibes, be that a happy colleague with good news and positive energy, a photo of your loved one on your desk, or listen to some soothing music that helps you concentrate and keeps you happy.

Allow yourself a chat with your colleagues

Some offices don’t allow it but as human beings, we are sociable naturally and even shy people need a bit of company to avoid feeling too alone. Take the time to build relationships with the people you work with, and create an escape from the daily stresses by feeling you can talk to someone who might be in the same situations.