Ways to find hidden money at home

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We’ve all had those days when we’re waiting for pay day to swing around and we’re down to counting our last pennies, cursing our richer selves from earlier in the month. But there’s nothing quite like when you find a euro or – even better – a crumpled fiver in a coat’s forgotten pocket.

So if you’re already worrying about the pennies, here are a few tips for finding lost money in your home.

Pockets: Check every one of them, including the clothes you’ve put aside for giving away. You empty your pockets randomly and although finding a 20c coin here and another there, it can quickly add up.

Clean out your drawers, laundry room, car, and other hidden nooks. Check old purses and handbags too for any forgotten gems.

Return those unwanted items as soon as possible. While return policies can be tight, many retailers will allow you to exchange once the return date has passed. Try and gather any items you might be able to return or exchange and plan a trip to the shops.

If you’ve already worn it however, think about selling the item online instead, especially if you think it’s worth a few bob. With apps such as Depop, Done Deal and Adverts, selling online has never been easier – and you’re bound to make a few quid for yourself too!

And finally, check the couch. It’s an old reliable, but reliable for a reason. Coins can easily get lost down the backs of couches after slipping out of pockets, so have a good root if you’re trying to make up a few euro and see what you might find.