Ways to save money on your wardrobe

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There are hundreds of tips that come from stylists and personal shoppers to help prevent us from spending a lot of money on a wardrobe we never wear. But although we know them all inside out, they’re not always immediate and you don’t see a saving unless you’re doing it for years. But there are ways to cut your spending and save a few substantial euro when you’re updating your wardrobe and here are 3 foolproof ways of doing just that.

Look for every deal possible

Yes, you’ve heard this before, but do you really go out of your way to find one? Do you wait until your favourite shop has a sale before looking inside? Do you make sure you’ve signed up for the latest store  loyalty card? It’s especially worth checking a store’s social media before going shopping as they often offer special one day offers in store or online – so it might work out cheaper buying that top you’re looking for online than waiting until you’re in the store next.

Look at renting instead of buying

If you’ve just been invited to another wedding, think about renting your next dress instead of forking out a fortune on a new one that you will never wear again. It’s a great opportunity to be fashionable, and financially responsible all at once. Check out your options – there are plenty of shops that offer you the opportunity to rent a dress, so if you normally spend €200 on a brand new outfit, it’s worth calculating what you’ll save by not buying.

Time your seasonal purchases

It’s only natural that we only think about what we need to buy when we actually realise we need them. But if you can be organised and plan some time in advance, chances are you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Buying a new coat for the winter in autumn is the normal thing to do, but buying a coat at the start of spring, when it’s already gone down in sale, for next winter is the smartest move. You won’t pay full price and when you store it away and pull it out when the winter starts, you’ll be delighted that you’ve saved yourself about €50. So now that it’s coming to the end of the summer, grab a bikini bargain if you see one – it will save you twice as much money if you wait until next year when you start planning your next holiday.