Well Being | How to support your child’s well being?

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Well being is a focus of many adults in recent years. But what about the children? Teaching them how to mind their own well being, and supporting them along the way, is just as important.

Everyone, it seems, is focused on taking care and minding their own well being. This is naturally a huge positive in terms of everyone minding their mental, emotional and physical health.

As children spend more time online and out of the home doing activities, it is often hard to sit down to talk and listen to them.

The easiest way to support your child’s well being are the oldest, such as sharing meals and having family days out. Family support and friendships outside of the home are just as important for their well being.

Activity and Well Being

Research has shown that children who exercise have a greater well being as its good for building their self-confidence and cooperation. It is also a good way for them to make new friends, especially in sporting clubs. Reading every day can also help.

Learning new things for fun is also beneficial. Children are naturally imaginative and creative with activities such as music, art or drama all good outlets. Try out a few activities to see what they love. 

As children get older, they tend to lose interest in such activities and want to spend time with their friends or online. However, it is important that they still nurture their creative side as means for supporting their well being. For example, if they love computers they could try a coding class.

Other research has shown that children who notice and enjoy their surroundings have greater well being. Take the opportunity to go for adventure days out or camping, for example. Together, your well being will also benefit from such exercises and days out as well.