Well Being | Are negative emotions are good for your well being?

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Positivity seems to be the only buzzword associated with well being. However, as scientists have explored, negative emotions are just as healthy for good well being.

Positive. Happiness. Health. These are just some of the keywords regularly associated with well being of late.

However, as we all know and endure, we all experience negative emotions that impact our daily life. Knowing how to deal with these negative emotions is key to positive well being.

Negative emotions – anxiety, fear, sadness, stress – exist for a reason. They protect us, make us more aware of dangers and are a way of letting us know that something is not working for us.

Anxiety, for instance, makes us more aware of potential threats that surround us.

This awareness, in turn, makes us more cautious and prepare us to handle any situation. Being less aware can, according to psychologists, make us less concerned of how our behaviour is negatively impacting others.

Negative emotions can make us motivated to change things in our life that is not making us feel good about ourselves.

When something is wrong and making us unhappy, it prompts us to act and generate positive change. If you are continually unhappy in your current working life, for example, you are more inclined and motivated to look for a job that will fulfil you.

As such, we should listen attentively to our negative emotions, manage them positively and act to change them.

Balancing the mixture of positive and negative emotions is key. At times of great sadness, such as the loss of a loved one, it is good to allow positive memories to be experienced alongside sadness. This could, in turn, potentially lead to a healthier bereavement process.

Negative is not always bad, as the experts say.