Well Being | How to be happier…from the world’s ‘happiest man’

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Everyone wants to be happy in their life, but sometimes it can be hard to achieve that. Known as the world’s happiest man, Matthieu Ricard, a 69-year old Tibetan monk, share his secrets to achieving ultimate happiness.

We all tend to believe that if we win the lotto, get our dream job, have the perfect family life with no stress, we would all lead a healthy and fulfilling life. But these materialistic things are not key to a happy life. Or so believes Matthieu Ricard, the celebrated happiest man in the world.

For the sceptics about this title, there is some science behind it. Ricard participated in a 12-year brain study on meditation and compassion which found that he has an abnormal large capacity for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity.

For Ricard, true happiness comes down to altruism. The reason for this is that thinking about yourself and how to make things better for yourself all the time is exhausting and stressful, and thus ultimately leads to unhappiness.

If you want to be happy, Ricard says you should strive to be benevolent, which will not only make you feel better but also make others like you more.

How can anyone become altruistic and benevolent and not let selfish thoughts creep in? One way is to train your mind to be happier. Ricard suggests spending 15 continuous minutes a day thinking happy thoughts.

Typically, when we experience feelings of happiness and love, it’s always quite fleeting and passes quite quickly. To prevent this, concentrate on not letting your mind get distracted, and keep focused on the positive emotions for the next period of time.

He advises that you will feel positive mental results after training every day for two weeks. So who knew that it was time and not money or a big job that can give you a slice of happiness?