Well Being | Taking time out for yourself

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Finding time to yourself can be rare. Making it happen is your responsibility, we show you how.

We often complain we never have the time to just relax, and rejuvenate. When we do manage to get some time to ourselves, many of us are guilty of spending it doing household chores or running around after everyone else.

When there is so much that ‘has to be done,’ making time for yourself can often seem like an impossible luxury. The only person, however, that can change it all is you.

Making the conscious decision to dedicate a specific amount of time to yourself each day is essential. This does not have to be a day’s pampering in a salon or shopping spree. A simple 10 minutes a day, for example, will significantly contribute to your overall health and well being.

Our diaries are often so full that time out for ourselves is put aside. Learning to say no in your personal and professional life, however, can free up your time. Sometimes, you need to be selfish to ensure you are doing right by yourself.

Some people, such as employers or friends, can be very demanding of your precious time. While you do not want to neglect your circle, it can be both draining and time consuming trying to keep everyone happy. Step away from such situations, and avoid any issues or problems that may absorb your energy and time.

Find something that you enjoy doing during this ‘me time.’ Missing it will motivate you to spend the time doing it. This can be anything from reading and yoga to walking or undertaking a course. Signing up and paying for activities or classes will also act as an incentive.

Taking charge of your time is key. Communicate the need for this time to your family and friends so they are not demanding anything of you.