Well Being | Fertility Vision Boards: How they work

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For those trying to conceive, creating a fertility vision board is often touted as one way to remain positive and encourage positive thinking. So how does it work?

Visualising your pregnancy and creating a fertility vision board is not guaranteed to get you pregnant, but surrounding yourself with images of the life you want can help in many ways.

Vision boards are a tool that help you identify and clarify goals that you would like to achieve and keep you on track to manifest them.

The premise behind this concept is based on the Law of Attraction. This is the name given to the maxim ‘like attracts like’ which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive of negative experiences into their life.

A vision board is simply a large poster board on which you paste your wishes and wants, which are represented from clippings from magazines, books, newspapers or various sources.

Narrow down your idea of a vision board for fertility. Do you want to get pregnant naturally, without fertility treatments? Or are you going down the treatment route? Create a board based on your journey, such as healthy embryos, and your vision of a healthy, happy baby.  

When creating a board, do not limit yourself to pictures of just babies. Include any quotations, stories, photos or items that remind you of fertility, conceiving a baby, having a healthy pregnancy, and starting your family.

There are no set guidelines to creating a vision board for fertility; use what works for you. 

Look at your vision board every day. To stay focused on the positive energy that could affect your fertility levels, put your vision board somewhere you will look often.