Well Being | Hobbies to boost your creative side

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Embracing and nurturing your creative side can be difficult when your days are taken up with work and family life. We look at the best hobbies that can help unleash and boost your creative side.

It is easy to label someone as creative when you see the fruits of their labour, whether it’s cakes, knitted jumpers or a piece of writing. However, it is only until you try and do something do you really know what creative talents you have.

Taking up a new hobby or craft is really the only way to test what is your true creative talent(s). It can be a case of trial and error to find your own one, but once you do, it can turn into a lifelong passion.

The knitting renaissance continues as more people embrace a more self-sufficient and relaxing lifestyle. While being able to knit yourself some beautiful pieces is a plus, knitting is also known as a therapeutic exercise. There is always one person in your family that knows how to knit so ask them for some pointers or join a class.

Indeed, if you have a passion for fashion, then there is no greater way to unleash your creative side through a hobby that involves being able to wear your creations. Once again, seek advice from any dressmakers that may be able to offer you guidance or look online for any easy patterns that can help you get started.

Want to practice mindfulness and tap into your creative side? Pick up one of the many adult colouring books that are now available. If you find that you have a renewed love for drawing by doing this exercise, try freehand sketches.

Writing or journaling is another artform that many are reverting to. Start by jotting down any favourite quotes or observations. You may end up writing a best-selling novel if you find your inner passion for creative writing.

You never know what creative talents you have until you find them!