Well Being | Why we should be doing quizzes and puzzles

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Quizzes and crosswords are a great thing to do while commuting, or when simply bored. But there are other reasons why we should be testing our brains with such games.

They can be frustrating, difficult and time-consuming. However, that is the pure joy that people get from doing crosswords and quizzes.

While great for passing the time, especially when you are bored, there are many more benefits to mind boggling puzzles.

Indeed, Alzheimer associations around the world recommend picking up the crossword habit to fend off dementia. Why? Because puzzles are great for keeping your brain sharp as you age.

Research has also shown that doing daily crossword puzzles benefits your verbal skills. It also gives you the opportunity to figure out what different words mean as you solve the clues you do not know.

Crosswords are also a great way to practice problem solving. They take time and patience to solve, allowing you to look at encoded information and being able to translate it instantly into something meaningful.

Another key health benefit of crossword puzzles is that they are a great way to exercise your pattern detecting muscle. Finding patterns helps us to explain how different things are connected, while they are also the basis of math and science problems.

While they can be frustrating, puzzles allow you to lose yourself for a while. It allows you to focus on something else for a set period of time, thus helping you to destress and relax.

Once complete, you have a great sense of achievement and self accomplishment.