What’s happening in Soapland w/c April 9

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Coronation Street
Tim’s worried that Sally’s put herself in danger again when she reactivates her social media accounts. She doesn’t listen… but then reads her own obituary in the Gazette. Grim. And then she’s sent a rather distressing piece of post. However, Sally’s still keen to do her job, fulfilling her council duties.
Peter’s arrested on an assault charge just as he and Toyah are going to the clinic for her egg harvesting. It seems Chloe’s up to something but can he prove she’s lying?
David continues to wind Gail up by saying he and Maria are getting engaged. Mammy Gail is stunned. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. Maria is keen to wind Aidan up but is his indifference a bluff? Ah, we want those two to reunite, such a handsome couple.
Bethany apologises to Nasty Nathan for overreacting and begs him to give their relationship another chance. Will he agree? He’s such a swine, we hope he gets his comeuppance very soon.
Michelle arrives back from holiday and apologises to Robert for the way she treated him. Johnny and Jenny meet Michelle to talk wedding plans but something’s up with Johnny. It, er, doesn’t end terribly well. And why is Kate so worried? That said, it’s a good Good Friday for Michelle as Steve professes his love and she’s given a career boost. Of course, there’s more but we’re not going to spoil it for you!
Kevin and Anna break the news to Tyrone that the garage is facing bankruptcy. Which is very sad news, and all the more sad when a secret is revealed.
When Anna refuses to let Faye attend Seb’s sentencing, she secretly arranges to go with Phelan instead. Sneaky.


Fair City
Sash and Kerri-Ann are irked when pregnant Nikki flirts with Jake. Bet Ama’ll be pleased. Jake tells Nikki he’s just not that into her – then she goes into labour. In the Arcade.
Ciaran’s concerned when Katy is more despondent than ever. Er, that’ll be because you’ve locked her up for months? Farrah, is worried about Ciaran’s angry attitude. And it doesn’t stop there… We won’t give the story away but it takes a turn that even me, hardened soap watchers, was surprised by. Doug notices an attraction between his mother and Hughie, just as Hughie’s son Kevin arrives in Carrigstown.
Marcus gives Niamh an ultimatum to make up her mind between him and Paul. What will she decide to do? Also, who is suspicious about Niamh and openly questions it?


Ros na Rún
Gráinne’s plan to play Cupid between Mo and Colm takes a turn this week.
Katy’s hurt and can’t understand why Jason is so distant from baby Jay. Can John Joe put her mind at ease? And let’s just say that someone may have a tempting offer for Katy to get away from the pressure of it all.
Niamh’s delighted to earn her dad’s respect… not that he knows what she’s been doing in order to pass her final college exams. Will she listen to her mammy’s advice?
Laoise takes a leap into the world of online dating, and scores a blind date. Is it a blind disaster, however?


It’s a tough week as the village says goodbye to one of its most beloved characters. Sniff. As the villagers gather to celebrate the very special life, one is less than impressed with their mother for not getting time to say goodbye properly.
Aaron’s feeling guilty he can’t support Liv after learning Sandra’s bedbound. They head out for a picnic but then learn some devastating news. Eek.
Victoria seeks out advice about pregnancy but could she unwittingly blow someone else’s secret at the same time?
Debbie feels jealous about Faith and Sarah’s relationship. Speaking of Faith, she has a drink with Rishi and things are, er, heating up nicely. Until he leans in for a smooch…
And in good news, Finn’s back!


Red Rock
Sharon promised Robbie that she’d look after him… but he’s nowhere to be found. Realising she can’t stay in hospital, she leaves and just as something is about to come to light. Eek. Will Sharon cross the line?
Speaking of Sharon, she’s assigned a new detective’s clerk – Linda McNulty. Linda organises a cake for Sharon. Which is a lovely thought, isn’t it?
Rory is interrupted by his granddad Jim when he returns home in a panic. e lovely Rory has always kept his cards close to his chest regarding his private life. As an aside, we are loving grandad Jim!


Carmel wants to build bridges with Stacey, who doesn’t want her to have contact with Arthur. Max wants Stacey to rethink her decision – will he change her mind?
Michelle confides in Sharon and it seems she’s in a good mood. Temporarily. Who crosses the line and why?
Whitney and Johnny turn to Abi for advice – that great paragon of counsel – with Lady Di as well as how to increase business.
Bex asks Shakil for help with busking but her daddy isn’t best pleased… but her day gets worse when Madison and Alexandra continue to bully her.
Kim and Vincent host a dinner party for Kush and Denise. Awkward.
Ian is put out to see the Vic are holding a ‘fish & chips’ night, bringing back memories.


Holby City
With Isaac in denial, Dominic struggles to hold it together. But when a welcome face from the past rocks up on Keller, Dominic is given an injection of strength…
With his fortunes finally on the up, Fletch is determined to maintain a positive outlook on life. But when a fiery new agency nurse arrives, Fletch’s positivity drains away – and a revelation leaves him reeling Matteo takes it upon himself to unite Jac and Jasmine, who are further apart than ever after Jasmine’s ordeal with Serena.
But are his good intentions driven by a deeper motive than might meet the eye?