Affordable Luxury at Christmas with House Edit

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Add some inexpensive splendour to your home this year. 

When most of us think of luxury we think of hefty price tags, lots of expense and sometimes unobtainable decor that’s not worth the fuss. Glossy, perfectly-styled images which grace the covers of magazines and Pinterest, that couldn’t possibly be achievable or affordable for most of us.

But that doesn’t need to be the case according to Claire Price and Elaine Regan, the duo behind House Edit – an interiors website that offers expert advice and step-by-step guides to styling your home.

(Claire and Elaine from House Edit)

‘’Creating a luxury look doesn’t have to cost the earth; careful consideration and simple styling can make your home ooze sophistication without breaking the bank,” says Claire. “Christmas is the perfect time to bring a little luxury into the home and by ensuring you chose a colour scheme early on, you can avoid costly mistakes and achieve festive chic.”

“We are seeing a huge shift away from the traditional Christmas decor of greens, reds and golds in favour of muted, Scandinavian-inspired themes,” says Elaine. “The simplicity and neutrality of the Scandi palette with hints of metallic allows for winter greenery and natural foliage to stand out, which is great as it’s a very affordable way of achieving a luxury look.”

Before rushing out to buy expensive Christmas decorations, take some time to look at what you already have from0 previous years, advises Claire.

“Sometimes we forget what we already have gathering dust in the attic. Having a forage to see what fits in with your colour scheme before hitting the high street is always wise,” she says. “When we think of luxury we think of layering, so items such as throws and faux sheep skins, that you may only reserve for the sitting room, should begin to creep into the dining area to soften the space and create cosy, comfortable seating additions for your guests.”

Check out House Edits top 10 tips for achieving a luxury Christmas look that won’t break the bank

  1. Create atmosphere

Atmosphere is key when setting the scene for Christmas and there is nothing more affordable than fairy lights to add that festive feeling. We love to feed fairy lights through a table runner, to wrap them around large house plants or even using them to decorate a mantelpiece. Nothing says Christmas quite like a scattering of fairy lights around the house.

  1. Go alternative

Christmas wreaths aren’t strictly reserved for hanging on the front door. Affordable faux wreaths can be displayed above the fire place, on top of shelves or even hung on the wall. Adding finishing touches such as pine cones, existing Christmas baubles, fairy lights or any other decorations you already have, make wreaths the perfect addition to display around your home.

  1. Think foliage

Flowers and greenery from local flower stands and florists can sometimes be expense and therefore, are reserved for special occasions. Instead we find winter greenery such as eucalyptus, ferns and fir to be very good value. You can expect to pay anything from €15 for a large bunch of eucalyptus, which goes a long way in terms of decoration. We use greenery to create wow factor table centre pieces by carefully placing foliage down the centre of the table. A fresh, winter foliage table runner will look so classy in the home.


  1. Don’t forget the fireplace

Typically, faux or pre-made fresh garlands look great but they can also be quite costly. Our advice for a fabulously styled fireplace would be to hone in on your colour scheme, evaluate what you already have and then build up a series of festive ornaments, decorations and candles. Ensure to have a mixture of small, large, short and tall ornaments and decor, carefully arranged across the mantel piece.

  1. Staging your table

Setting your table prior to guests arriving will allow you to add finishing touches such as lighting the candles and the all-important, carefully styled cheese board. Food adds theatre to any dinner table and is a great way of showing off novelty tableware. A variety of cheeses with a bunch of grapes and crackers with novelty cutlery really adds a sense of luxury to the table.

  1. Food as decor

At House Edit we like to think outside of the box when it comes to decor. Using food items such as pomegranates, figs, iced star cookies and dried fruit can add the novelty factor to the dinner table. Add directly onto the greenery working your way out and be sure that the food ties in with your colour scheme and table centre piece.


  1. Experiment with colour and texture

There are no rules when choosing your colour scheme for Christmas. The key is to experiment and not to overdo it. Opting for two main colours, adding a third as an accent colour, generally works well. Also, try to think about texture for your table setting as having a combination of smooth and rough textures can add variety.

  1. Dress a drinks trolly

Not only are drinks trollies very much on trend this year, they are a simple way of elevating your dining experience. As well as being useful, you can use it to display your cocktail shakers, cool tumblers and colourful drinks, whilst adding some fairy lights will give it that festive feel. Drinks trollies are a little more on expensive side, costing anything from €300 to €600, but they are a nice investment piece in your home. Alternatively, you could always dress a side table to get a similar effect.

  1. Candles for a classic finish

Festive scents such as cinnamon, cloves and winter berries can be a treat for the senses as well as creating a snug atmosphere.


  1. Christmas tree decor

Sticking to a maximum of two colours for your baubles, ensuring you have a good variety of different shapes and sizes, is the key to making your tree look expensive. Repurposing pine cones with a dusting of silver spray paint which is available in all good paint stores, is a great way of adding the perfect finishing touch.


Have fun

Don’t feel like you have to follow a decorating rule book. Add your own personal touches to the home that make you smile or bring back great memories of Christmases gone by.

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