Beauty | Wake up energised and looking great

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Do you jump out of bed each morning with a bounce and look refreshingly glowing? Most of us don’t but there are some things we can do to give us a kickstart.

It’s only in films that you see people wake up with endless energy and looking great. And that is generally down to good lighting and a lot of make-up.

Waking up energised seems like an impossible task, especially if you are a night owl. However, you can train your body to change with a few tweaks to your daily habits and lifestyle.

What you eat and your quality of sleep is directly linked. If your diet primarily comprises processed or sugar-laden foods, you are simply fuelling your body with toxins that will have a negative impact on your sleep and energy levels. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables to ensure your body is getting the right foods to function better.

There has long been a correlation between eating late at night and a lack of sleep. Your body needs time to properly digest your food and hence the recommendation to eat your larger meals during the day. As the saying goes: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

When you have no morning routine, it is easy to just snooze on. To feel energised and focused, you need to have a plan. This can be anything from a shower and breakfast or reading and yoga – whatever works for you to get you moving and up.

Exercise, however, is the best way to start your day and helps you to sleep better at night. Aim to reach 10,000 steps a day and or do some other activity such as walking, jogging or yoga.

Have a good night time routine. If you spend your hours before bed scrolling through your phone, this directly affects your sleep and brain activity. Read a book, take a bath or meditate to nod off instead.