Career | How to practice being mindful at work

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Being mindful at work can help you become more productive and happier in your workplace.

For many, practicing mindfulness is something for early morning or late in the evening. In busy work environments, it can be difficult to truly experience the present moment. However, it can often be the best way to get you through the day, be more productive and happier in the workplace.

But how?

First, you need to make a commitment to practice and this involves being more aware of being aware. Start the day with a declaration and promise to pay attention to that. For example, “Today I will become more aware of……….”

Before you jump out of bed and straight into your routine, start each day with a few minutes of conscious awareness. Take a few moments to breath and become conscious of how you feel before you set your intentions for the day.

If you have a tendency to move at a very quick pace at the start of the day, focus on slowing yourself down. This does not mean you are avoiding work – you are just controlling the to-do list in your mind. This will help control your energy in a different way.

During the course of your work, practice really listening to others. This allows you to shift your energy to the other person and take the focus off you and your to-do lists, for a few minutes anyway.

The art of practicing mindfulness is recognising and appreciating others around you. Consider ways to recognise other people’s accomplishments, needs and difficulties. Simple acts of kindness and empathy can lighten their load, and also make you feel better in the workplace.

Our body language is important in how we present ourselves, and is especially conducive to how we breathe.

Take a few moments to identify what you would like the outcome of your interactions to be, such as an important call or meetings. Know your intention and be prepared for the outcome.

At the end of each day, take some time for self-reflection and do so without judgement. And that is all it takes to practice being more mindful at work.