Career | Why you need to improve your LinkedIn profile

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Having a LinkedIn account is essential when job hunting, but you need more than just a profile to get that dream job. 

Job hunting can be exceptionally difficult, especially when you are chasing that elusive ‘dream’ position. Today, it’s not just good enough to have a LinkedIn profile. You have to have a profile that will differentiate you from the crowd, and puts you in a position of being propositioned by companies.

There are some simple methods on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile;

  • Update your photo. Your picture should be professional, recognisable, and recent. Some recruiters recommend using a black and white image as a point of difference.
  • Create a killer headache. These 120 characters are the most important and should include vital keywords and a short synopsis of what you can bring to a company.
  • Summary Matters. Your description should make an employer want to have a working relationship with you. The tone and style should be professional, but demonstrate your true self. Do not be entirely self-focused. You need to reaffirm the value you bring to any company.
  • Call of action. Ensure you have the proper and sufficient contact details to allow profile viewers touch base with you.
  • Results driven. Potential employers want to see beyond your experience and duties. They want to see the real value you bring to companies, and that includes results. This can be anything from increasing website traffic to fulfilling project deadlines.
  • Join appropriate groups. There are a multitude of LinkedIn groups available. Identify the groups related to your industry and reach out to the individuals that may help you in your job search.
  • Manage your skills and expertise. Eliminate entries that are not significant to your career and business and replace with your most relevant skills and expertise.
  • Get recommendations. Endorsements may be the focus but a well-written recommendation is still the best way to boost your professional reputation on LinkedIn.
  • Share relevant updates updates to demonstrate your willingness to share helpful information and interest in a relevant sector.