Career | Are you in the wrong job?

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It is easy to find yourself in a job that you begin to question if it is worth it all. But are you in the wrong job?

We all have our off days at work but then comes the wave of pure hatred, both of your workplace and the position. But how do you know if you are just frustrated or in the wrong job?

According to recruitment specialists, the tell tale signs are obvious.

You may think that certain roles are exciting but beneath the shiny job description, culture and free coffee, employees will still find elements of their jobs tedious and boring. No job is exciting 100 per cent of the time. However, you should find a majority, or even some, elements of your job interesting and challenging. If you find that every minute of your day bores you, it may be time to consider a career change.

The term ‘a good fit’ is often circulated when employers are hiring new staff. Certain personalities fit really well with some companies and others just don’t. If you find it difficult to connect and get on with your colleagues, it may mean that the company culture or environment does not suit you.

Work, by its nature, is supposed to be challenging and relatively difficult. There are some tasks that you will enjoy and b naturally good at. However, if you find every little task a struggle or a daunting prospect, it might mean that you are doing the wrong job or working for the wrong company.

Careers are all about progression; you start at a certain position and set a goal to achieving a position or grade. If the thought of a promotion or staying with a company for a long time fills you with dread then it is clearly not the one for you.