Woman’s Way and Pharmaton Kiddi Children’s Awards

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Woman’s Way and Pharmaton Kiddi have teamed up to find Ireland’s bravest and most courageous children. The magazine and its sponsor are looking nationwide for nominations in the Woman’s Way and Pharmaton Kiddi Children’s Awards 2017.

The Awards, the first for the magazine, give parents, relatives, friends, charities and community groups the opportunity to recognise and reward the fantastic work children in Ireland have done.

Open to children throughout Ireland aged five to 18, category winners will be invited to attend a special ceremony in September in Dublin. This is a celebration of achievement and an opportunity to recognise the sterling work that so many children are undertaking throughout the country.

From those born with challenging conditions to excelling in the face of adversity, to young fundraisers who give charity their all, to young carers who are doing incredible, selfless work, all the winners will be celebrated and have exceptional, life inspiring stories to share.

The eight categories are:

Young carer of the year

Child or young person under 18 who help to care or care for someone in their family with an illness, mental health issue or disability

Young fundraiser of the year

Child or young person who has raised much needed funds for those in need, be it a charity, group or organisation

Outstanding courage

Child or young person who has demonstrated outstanding courage or selfless sacrifice often in difficult circumstances

Outstanding achievement

Child or young person who has significant achievement at their age

Overcoming adversity

Child or young person who has dealt with all that life has thrown at them

Act of bravery

Child or young person who has improved the lives of others either in their family or community


Child or young person who has been an inspiration to others

Charity or group of the year

Organisation that seeks to provide support, comfort and guidance for children and young people to fulfil their ambitions

If you have an amazing child, or know someone who does, and want to share their story with Woman’s Way, please email your nomination or complete the nomination form below. We’ll be inviting our eight winners to a special ceremony in Dublin in the autumn – and will have oodles of prizes to treat them.


Woman's Way Children's Awards Nomination Form 2017