The Darker Side of Love

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Women’s Aid launch the #TooIntoYou National Public Awareness Campaign


This Valentine’s Day Women’s Aid – a national organisation which provides support and information to women experiencing domestic violence and dating abuse – have launched their #TooIntoYou campaign.

The public awareness campaign, which is supported by entrepreneur Norah Casey and RTÉ broadcaster Bláthnaid Treacy, will run until 8th March 2018, International Women’s Day. Here in Ireland, 60% of abuse in relationships starts before the age of 25. #TooIntoYou is aimed at young women, aged 18-25 years old, and highlights abusive and controlling behaviour in intimate relationships.

To encourage discussions about healthy and unhealthy relationships and to help young women to spot the 10 key danger signs of dating abuse, seven characters have been introduced to reflect the harmful ways that young women experience dating abuse from their boyfriends or exes – including Controlling Conor, Send Nudes Niall, Needy Neil, Dramatic Dan, 10 missed calls Ben, Triple Text Thomas and Why don’t you love me, Luke.

“Dating abuse is a significant issue for our frontline support services and research has shown that while young women can be at even higher risk of abuse in a relationship than their older counterparts, it can be difficult for young women to see what is happening to them as abuse,” says Margaret Martin, Director of Women’s Aid.

“We know that 1 in 5 women in Ireland experience abuse in relationships […] A stark reminder of this risk is that 1 in every 2 women, aged between 18-25, killed in Ireland since 1996 were murdered by their boyfriends or exes.”

Margaret goes on to say that by launching the campaign on Valentine’s Day, which is generally associated with love and romance, it is hoped that #TooIntoYou will ‘highlight the hidden reality of many young women.’

“In contrast to typically softer Valentine’s messages, our hope is that in calling attention to the darker side of relationships at this time that the campaign will have a high impact,” says Margaret.

“We are clearly asking – what part of love is abuse?”

Funding for the #TooIntoYou awareness campaign was cut in 2015 and Women’s Aid relies solely on public support to develop and run the campaign.  If you would like to support this vital public awareness campaign please donate via

The Women’s Aid 24hr National Freephone Helpline 1800 341 900 is available 7 days a week.