Food | Can peppermint tea boost your memory?

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Most of us consume peppermint tea to help us relax but it can have the added benefit of boosting mood and improving memory, according to new research.

When it comes to stress and anxiety, peppermint tea is the ultimate go-to drink.

New research from Northumbria University, however, found that drinking peppermint tea may help boost mood and improve long and short-term memory. It has also been revealed that it can increase alertness, especially in older adults.

So, what other benefits can peppermint have? If you want a more restful sleep, the menthol content of natural herb in peppermint can help. It not only relaxes the muscles to lead to a more restful sleep, it has properties that can help you dream more vividly. It is this menthol that also helps you to destress and anxiety levels. 

A study from the International Journal of Neuroscience found that peppermint tea can also help to increase focus and concentration. After peppermint was diffused in a room full of test-takers, it was revealed that it boosted their alertness and concentration as the smell of menthol stimulates the hippocampus, which is brain’s memory center.

The menthol in the peppermint tea can also help with congestion. Menthol is a natural decongestant, providing relief from sinus pressure. Hot peppermint tea can also soothe a sore throat that accompanies seasonal cold symptoms too.

Peppermint tea contains carminative elements, which allow gas to move through the body as it forms instead of remaining in one place, causing discomfort.

Peppermint tea has been used as a medicine and supplement for over 10,000 years. Indeed, peppermint oil is still used by some medical professional to sooth symptoms associated with intestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome. If you suffer from bloating, gas or constipation, peppermint tea can help such ailments.  

Who knew peppermint tea was so beneficial to our diets?