Food | How to host a vegan guest for dinner

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When you hear that a guest is a vegan, it is natural to have that sense of panic and dread. So, what should you make and what should you avoid?

There is no worse guest to have than a vegan. Or so we are led to believe. We look at the top tips to help you host the best vegan-friendly dinner party.

  • Flock to the blogs. There are loads of great vegan blogs at the touch of a button. Rosanna Davison is one of the most well known Irish vegan blogger and her website is a great source for easy and tasty dishes.
  • Baked goodies. If your guest is just popping around for tea, it’s nice to have some treats. Most of the supermarkets or bakeries now stock a great range of vegan pastries so keep an eye out for some tasty and affordable treats.
  • Make your own. Nutty, chocolate brownies with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream is the perfect dessert for vegans. 
  • Simple salad. A salad is a great starter and is easy to put together. Kale with crispy chickpeas or banana and lentils are great options.
  • Vegetables and dips. Guacamole and hummus are great vegan friendly starters. Serve with fresh cut vegetables like red pepper slices, cucumber and carrot sticks alongside pita breads.
  • Barbecue matters. A BBQ can be the easiest way to cook for a vegan. Grilled tofu tacos and or quinoa burgers are always a good people pleaser.
  • Ask your guests. All people have food likes and dislikes, including vegans. To save you time and effort, ask what their favourite dishes are and for tips on how they like it cooked.
  • Wine Choice. Vegans may not drink certain wines. Ask them to bring a bottle of their choice to enjoy.