Health | Small health changes that make a big difference

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We all know that drinking water and getting an adequate amount of sleep each night paves the way for good health. But there are other small lifestyle changes you can make to ensure you maximise your health.

  • Eat the best breakfast. A fibre-rich breakfast will make a huge difference to your day and well being, such as grains or oats. Complement it with a protein such as natural or greek yoghurt, as well as fruits. Raspberries, for example, are packed with fibre.
  • Eat small options more often. Eating little and often helps the body work more efficiently and decreases the chances of bloating and hunger pangs that can be associated with large meals. Ensure to add a variety of healthy foods in each meal.
  • Snack on the good foods. Swap sugary snacks for natural ones that will give you a good energy boost and reduce dependency on calorie-heavy foods. Nuts and seeds, for example, are a great snack to graze on during the days.
  • Fit in exercise every day. Aim to reach the 10,000 step mark today and include any physical activity in your daily actions. Walk the stairs instead of taking the lift, for instance. If your job involves a lot of sitting, make sure to take regular walking breaks to get your body moving.
  • Planning matters. Most of our bad diet habits come from a lack of planning and preparation. Take the time to prepare meals at the weekend and freeze for eating during the week. Always have a bag of snacks in your bag in case the hunger pangs attack.
  • Water Waves. If you are struggling to consume eight glasses of water each day, add some fruit to give your drink the sugary boost you may crave. This will prevent you from reaching for the sugary drinks that are loaded with calories.