How do we feel about body hair?

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New research has found that Irish men don’t like body hair on their female other halves.

Ahem, double standards? Cough, cough…

According to a survey carried out by Thérapie Clinic, more than half of Irish men dislike body hair on women, while under half of Irish men wouldn’t rule out encouraging a woman to have her body hair removed.

Before we start burning our good bras, it’s not just men. The survey also found that Irish women mirror the feelings of their male peers.

More than 70 per cent of women surveyed said they tend to cover up due to a lack of confidence when areas of their body are hairy.

Almost three quarters of all respondents – both male and female – would ‘most likely’ or ‘definitely’ be turned off from dating someone if they discovered they were extremely hairy.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by TONY KYRIACOU/REX/Shutterstock (304660g) Julia Roberts 'NOTTING HILL' FILM PREMIERE, LONDON, BRITAIN - 1999

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I wonder what Woman’s Way favourite Julia Roberts would think?





(1999 premiere of Notting Hill)