How Irish is Ireland?

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SuperBreak have the answers … 

and some may surprise you!


With St Patrick’s Day just around the corner – the official day to celebrate all things green, white and gold – leading travel provider SuperBreak, have some done some interesting research ahead of the day itself.


Top 3 most important traits of being Irish

  1. Having a great sense of humour (44.10%)
  2. Putting family first (24.40%)
  3. Knowing the Irish traditions and traits (18.20%)


1,000 Irish residents took part in the survey and nearly everyone, 97.60%, knew that March 17 is the exact date to celebrate on.

It’s no surprise that we Irish love our stout and this Friday approximately 13 million pints of Guinness would be consumed; something one third of people, 38.50%, knew the answer to. Dublin rates Guinness the number one trait of being Irish ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, with 13.04% of people saying so.

44.10% – the percentage of people, among all age groups, who said that having a great sense of humour was the most important trait of being Irish, with putting family first following closely behind.



Unfortunately it seems that the younger generations are not as clued in with old Irish traditions as only 47.37% of 18-24 year olds knew what traditionally happens when you kiss the Blarney Stone, compared to 70.05% of 45-54 year olds and 76.82% of people aged 55 years or over.

Over 90% of people in Connacht, Munster, Leinster, Ulster and Northern Ireland knew that Leprechaun’s are traditionally known to bring good luck, while Dublin fell behind a little with only 75% of residents knowing the answer.

Almost one third of 18-24 year olds, 30.53%, did not know that the famous author, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was Irish. However 90.80% of people knew that U2 are indeed Irish.


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