Lifestyle | Having trouble adapting to retirement?

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Many of us cannot wait until we retire. But when it happens, it can be a lot more difficult to adjust to this new way of living.

With grand visions of summers in the south of France or lazy days visiting and baking, the perception of retirement is blissful. No more early morning alarm clock to go to work, no more commuting in traffic and no more squeezing in family visits three times a year.

It’s a lifestyle we all crave but it can take some time to adapt to this new way of living. Here are some tips to ensure that adapting to retirement in those early days can be seamless.

  1. Budget. After years of budgeting and saving for your retirement, there is a great urge to splash out and finally enjoy those luxuries in life. For others, the financial situation may still be very tight. Make and live by your budget to ensure you are not struggling.
  2. Consider Downsizing. If all of your offsprings have left and you have a big house, you should consider downsizing. Maintaining a large house can be expensive and may get harder to sustain in the years ahead. Does the house suit your every need? If not, consider downsizing.
  3. Keep on Working. Some people simply love to work, while others still need to. If you are able, consider doing a part time job. For those that are in a good financial position, you may want to do some volunteer work to keep your mind and body active.
  4. Become a Student. There are so many night and part-time courses available, both in-class and online. Taking up a new subject or learning a new craft is a great way to pass the time.
  5. Stay Active. Sitting around the house and not moving is not just bad for your mental health, it could lead to health problems. A nice walk or exercise class will keep you physically and mentally active.