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‘Tis the season for studying. As more people get prepared to sit exams this month, we look at the best way to get the most out of your studying.

Is there really a right or wrong way to study? It seems that everyone now has an opinion on the best methodology to approach studying.

Unfortunately, there is no magic set of guidelines to help you out. Instead, the experts and seasoned students share their tried and tested methods to get through gruelling study sessions.

Make a study plan. Time is precious in the lead up to the exams. If you have four days or four weeks before your exams, make a plan on what you will study within a specific timeframe. Giving yourself a deadline and allow for breaks in your plan to help you stay on track and focused.

Take regular breaks. ‘Pulling an all nighter’ to study may sound like a perfect plan but it rarely works in practice. You cannot maintain an optimum level of concentration without giving yourself some time to recover. Take regular short breaks to stay hydrated, get some fresh air or do some exercise.

Test yourself. One of the best ways to break the boring cycle of reading something for a long period of time is to test yourself. Take a look at past papers or online quizzes to test yourself on a chapter or topic you have studied. This will get you into exam mode and make you focus on subjects that you tested weaker on.
Collaborate with study partners. Sharing notes and questions with someone is a great way to keep your mind active and focused. Instead of spending your time emailing or texting people questions, join a study group of like minded students that want to achieve the same grades as yourself. Be careful, however, that your group does not include people that may distract you.